Project Management Methodology

Project User Group

1 Aim

The Project User Group (PUG) is established to assist the University project manager and any associated resources (consultants etc) to ensure that the project meets the University’s strategic requirements within the budget allocated. The PUG is to consider and make high-level decisions or recommendations relating to the project to ensure that the resulting output meets the long-term needs of the University.

2 Responsibilities

The PUG has the following tasks and responsibilities:

  1. To be the forum for the exchange of information between the Project Manager and end users; this includes briefing users on the proposal and representing their requirements.
  2. To ensure that all relevant information is available to the consultants.
  3. To ensure functional requirements meet the University’s standards.
  4. To assist the principal consultant in the production of feasibility studies.
  5. To assist in review, preparation and sign-off of final project papers in consultation with users, keeping in mind budget, schedule and quality requirements.
  6. Monitor project budget and expenditure.

The consultants are members of the PUG and other specialists advisors will be invited to attend meetings as required; for example the disability liaison officer, the WHS officer, finance and IT representatives.

3 Frequency of Meetings

Meetings should be held at least monthly but may be more frequent if required.