Project Management Methodology

Project Working Party

1 Aim

The aim of the Project Working Party (PWP) is to work with the project manager, consultant (where appropriate) and users to determine the detailed requirements related to discrete project elements.

2 Responsibilities

The PWP has the following tasks and responsibilities:

  • To work with the Project Manager, consultant and key users to ensure that the project design meets all functional requirements;
  • To consider the practicality of options provided;
  • To represent views of various users; and
  • Sign off the concept and detailed design the discrete project element.

3 Composition

The PWP will be chaired by the University’s project manager and will include representatives from all relevant user groups and the principal consultant.

Other specialist advisors will be invited to attend meetings as required, for example the disability liaison officer, the WHS officer, finance and IT representatives.

4 Frequency of Meetings

Meetings should be held on an as required basis. A number of meetings may be required to be held at the commencement of the project and then again towards the end of the design phase.