Project Management Methodology

1 Initiation & Approval

The Initiation and Approval phase of the PMM is where projects are justified through production of a Business Case, prioritised in accordance with UTAS strategic objectives and overall capital and change plans.

In the initiate phase, projects will be defined by a project type (Capital, ICT or Other) and sized (Complex, Standard and Small). The Project Sizing Tool provides a four-step process to identify the size of a project based on the impacts of dollar, community impact or controversial project, time and reach across the organisation.

Initiation and Approval Templates:

All projects will be defined as either:

  • Capital - will produce a building or other capital asset. These projects are completed using the CSD templates and approach.
  • ICT will produce an information technology system or solution (link provided to the staff only wiki page)
  • other - will result in a restructure, change to business processes, creation of an intangible asset or outcome other than produced from a "capital" or "ICT" project

Both ICT and other projects are completed using the templates and approach detailed on this site.

The Project Sizing Tool is used to assess whether a project is "complex", "standard" or "small". This categorisation determines the controls to be used throughout the project as documented in the Project Control Matrix (PDF 161.4KB).

pdfProject Categorisation Tool (PDF 114.5KB)

The Business Case is the key document completed in the initiate phase. The business case provides all the necessary information to ensure the viability of a project against UTAS strategic objectives, financial viability and benefits to the organisation.

excelBusiness Case Calculator (NPV) (Excel 95.2KB)

pdf Business Case Template & Guide (Word 68.0B) (can be overtyped)

Stakeholder Management

Governance and Planning