Project Management Methodology


This methodology currently sits under the Division of the Chief Operating Officer and has responsible oversight of the following:

  • PMM framework
  • Providing assistance and expertise to project managers
  • Project management mentoring and support processes.

Project Managers must comply with this methodology and are responsible for:

  • Identification of and compliance with an established operationally specific methodology:
    • PMM framework
    • Infrastructure Services and Development Process for the Management of Building Works;
    • Other control processes as determined by the Project Sponsor / Project Steering Committee.
  • Accurate reporting to the Project Sponsor/Project Steering Committee of matters of significance throughout the project (in accordance with Reporting).

Project Sponsor is normally a member of the executive within the University (or other senior manager) who sponsors a project through the initiation and approval phase of the project. Their governance/oversight responsibilities (initiation, planning, execution and control and project closure phases) for the project may be assumed by a Project Steering Committee.

Project Steering Committee is a group of senior University executives and leaders (including the Project Sponsor or nominee) entrusted with the governance/oversight responsibilities for a project. This includes:

  • Review and approval of the Project Plan and of subsequent changes
  • Management of the project funding
  • Formalisation of delegations for scope changes
  • Monitoring of the project to ensure that the requirements and expectations (gates) are met
  • Make recommendations to governing committees as appropriate
  • Facilitate the resolution of project conflicts.

As a minimum, every Steering Committee must have the following representatives:

  • Member of the senior executive
  • Senior client representative
  • Senior supplier representative
  • Chief Financial Officer or nominee.