Research and Research Training Portfolio

Research Committees & Networks

Below is a consolidated list of the research related committees and networks within UTAS.

  • University Research Committee

    This group reports to Academic Senate and Council and oversees the administration of research activity and of research training throughout the University and provides recommendations to senior staff on research related policy and funding.

  • Associate Deans and Directors, Research

    This sub-committee provides advice to University Research Committee on research related issues.

  • Research Degrees Committee

    This group provides advice to University Research Committee and its focus is on the training and programs for higher degrees by research.

  • Research Integrity and Ethics Sub-Committee (RIEC)

    The University of Tasmania has established a sub-committee to provide advice to University Research Committee on policy issues related to the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research and responsible research practices, including the development of new policies or changes to existing policies. The RIEC plays an important role within the University's Research Governance structure.

    The RIEC will assist with driving cultural change at UTAS towards improved appreciation of research integrity and will provide input to the planning, implementation and monitoring of education and training of stakeholders on the responsible conduct of research.

    The RIEC will receive and review reports on the conduct of research at UTAS, including annual reports to regulatory, statutory and funding bodies on compliance with requirements for research conduct, and will be subject to the following terms of reference (PDF 261.1KB).

  • Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)

    The IBC is the primary body responsible for ensuring all practices involving gene technology, biosecurity-regulated materials and biologically-hazardous materials are conducted in accordance with legislation, Australian Standards (including AS2243.3 Safety in Laboratories – Microbiological Safety and Containment), codes of practice, and licensing requirements.

    The IBC also performs the function of a management committee for all practices involving Security Sensitive Biological Agents (SSBAs).

  • Research Integrity Advisers

    As part of the University of Tasmania's implementation of the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research, the University has appointed Research Integrity Advisers to promote research integrity and responsible research practices.

  • Health and Medical Human Research Ethics Committee

    The Tasmania Health and Medical HREC is responsible for reviewing all research projects that involve the following:

    • Invasive physiological, clinical, and/or medical interventions
    • Research involving the use of human tissue (including blood, reproductive and other tissues)
    • Human genetic research
    • Staff, patients or resources of any hospital in Tasmania (both Public and Private)
  • Social Sciences Human Research Ethics Committee

    The Tasmania Social Sciences HREC reviews all research involving human participation that does not fall within the scope of the Tasmania Health and Medical HREC.

    The committee covers a broad range of research areas including psychology, sociology, arts, education, law and business.

  • Tasmanian Animal Ethics Committee

    This committee provides advice on, and reviews any research which involves the use of animals.

  • Research Fellows Network
  • Research Administrators Network
  • Publications Audit Committee