People you need to meet

The Graduate Research Office (GRO) staff support research administration and management and are a fountain of knowledge. They are available to answer any questions you might have regarding Graduate Research processes and Researcher development programs.

You can contact GRO by email, phone or just simply drop by for a chat.

Your Supervisory Team comprises of a Primary Supervisor and co-supervisors. The supervisor’s role is to guide, advise and support you complete your Higher Degrees Research experience. They are your first port of call for any matters relating to your research project.

Each school/institute has a Graduate Research Coordinator (GRC), who is appointed to oversee candidature supervision in consultation with the Head of School and your supervisory team. If you have any issues or questions about your supervision or candidature that you would like to discuss with someone other than your supervisors, your GRC (or an alternate GRC if the GRC is your supervisor) should be your first port of call.

A list of GRCs can be found here

The Head of Academic Unit (HoAU) and Associate Dean of Research (ADR) are responsible for academic line management and strategic direction of research within your school/institute. While you will primarily liaise with your supervisory team, you should take the opportunity to meet the HoAU and ADR during your first few weeks.

You should get to know the professional staff within your school/institute. They are there to assist you with day-to-day enquiries regarding school/institute administration. Please request that you are added to any email distribution lists they maintain.

If School/Institute professional staff cannot directly answer your query, they will direct you to the correct person.

A very important part of your HDR Candidature experience is other candidates. You should try to meet your HDR peers as soon as possible, as they will assist you along your research journey.

Most schools/institutes will also have a HDR Committee and/or HDR Representatives for your school/institute Research Committee. Talk with each other, support each other and become involved in the research community.

If you are having trouble identifying the HDR Representative(s) in your school/institute, ask your supervisors or GRC to introduce you.

Library services For Researchers include: