Research Division

Contract Negotiation for Projects Involving Research

Negotiation and review of research agreements and advice on other legal issues relevant to research.

Contractual requirements

Acceptance of research funding may also require the execution of an agreement between UTAS and the funding body. UTAS can only be bound to agreements by a limited number of delegates throughout the organisation and Chief Investigators do not typically have authority to sign an agreement on behalf of UTAS. For funding other than most ARC and NHMRC grants, you will need to liaise with ORS in order to develop appropriate agreements for the funding of your project.

ORS will support the progression of your research contract negotiation with Legal Services. Legal Services is responsible for representing the University's interests in relation to research contracts and other legal issues that impact research activities. If you are unsure about any specific requirements relating to your agreement or whether legal review is required, contact ORS (usually your Funding Officer contact point in the central Funding Team) for advice.

An overview of the steps that may be involved are outlined below to facilitate the establishment of your research project at UTAS.