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NHMRC Funding Opportunities

Please note, throughout 2016 NHMRC reviewed the structure of their grant program. Following this review, the NHMRC has revised their grant program, please see: for more detailed information.

  • The restructured program will comprise Investigator Grants, Synergy Grants, Ideas Grants and Strategic and Leveraging Grants.
  • Further limits will also be placed on the number of grants an individual researcher can apply for or hold.
  • Applications under the new program will open in late 2018-early 2019 for peer review in 2019 and funding commencing in 2020.

Please contact the UTAS NHMRC email ( for further information.

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) is Australia's peak body for;

  • supporting health and medical research;
  • developing health advice for the Australian community, health professionals and governments; and
  • providing advice on ethical behaviour in health care and in the conduct of health and medical research.

NHMRC administers funding for health and medical research on behalf of the Australian Government, and provides funding for all areas of research relevant to human health and medicine. These are divided into categories that reflect the intent of a grant rather than the topic of research.

The NHMRC requires that researchers submit their applications for consideration via their institution's research office. At UTAS, this is the Office of Research Services (ORS). ORS is responsible for the subsequent administration of any grants awarded by the NHMRC including managing contracts, ethics requirements, reporting and post-award variations.

The NHMRC offers funding for the grant schemes listed below. UTAS researchers are invited to apply for funding through schemes ranging from fellowships to research programs.

Staff Access Only: The NHMRC offers funding for the grant schemes listed below.

Key Dates

NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence TBATBATBATBA
NHMRC Boosting Dementia Research Grants TBATBATBATBA
NHMRC Development Grants 21 Apr 202119 May 202126 May 202116 Jun 2021
NHMRC Investigator Grants 3 Feb 20213 Mar 20213 Mar 202131 Mar 2021
NHMRC Partnership Projects 1 13 Jan 2021 10 Mar 2021 24 Mar 20217 Apr 2021
NHMRC Synergy Grants 24 Feb 202124 Mar 202124 Mar 202121 Apr 2021
NHMRC Ideas Grants 10 Mar 20217 Apr 20217 Apr 20215 May 2021
NHMRC Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies Grants TBATBATBATBA
NHMRC Postgraduate Scholarships 14 Apr 202112 May 202112 May 20219 Jun 2021
NHMRC Partnership Projects 2 25 Mar 202115 July 202128 Jul 202112 Aug 2021
NHMRC Partnership Projects 3 29 Jul 20213 Nov 202117 Nov 20211 Dec 2021
Archived Schemes: These are schemes which are no longer actively funded by the NHMRC.