Research Division

Ethel Mary Read (EMR) Research Grants

Start Date

16 Apr 2021

  • Applications due to Hub: 16 April 2021
  • Applications Close: 30 April 2021

EMR Grants are composed of small research grants. They are intended for researchers who are just starting out in their respective fields of study and will cover minor costs.

Applications are restricted to members of the RZS. The maximum grant awarded is $AUD1500 per year. Applicants are free to apply for funding regardless of whether they have been successful in previous years, but only one grant will be awarded for any single project. The size of the grant means that the EMR Research Fund may bridge a gap in existing funding, may be used to instigate pilot studies, may be devoted to travel costs in the field or may be used to purchase equipment. There are no restrictions on how the grant may be used in contributing to the nominated research program.

For more information please see the funding body website. If you intend to submit an application to this scheme please contact your Research Hub before the date listed above: