Research Division

Avant Foundation - Grants

Start Date

14 Jan 2021

  • Expression of Interest (EOI) to Hub: 14 January 2021
  • EOI external deadline: 31 January 2021 (applications will need to be submitted by 5pm 29 January 2021 due to the external deadline being on a weekend)
  • Full application due to Hub: 2 April 2021
  • Full application external deadline: 16 April 2021

The Avant Foundation’s vision is for safer practice of medicine for both doctors and patients. The Foundation provides funding to support research, education and leadership programs designed to make a real difference to how medicine is practised – in particular, the systems and processes.

The Foundation is looking to support projects between $10,000 and $100,000 in the below priority research areas:

  • prescribing, including drugs of dependence and e-prescribing;
  • telehealth;
  • genomics;
  • COVID-19;
  • health and wellbeing;
  • fragmentation of care; and
  • medical leadership/quality improvement leadership.

The above opportunity will operate using a two-stage competitive process:

  1. Stage 1 involves submission of an EOI.
  2. If the EOI is successful, Stage 2 involves submission of a full application.

For more information please see the funding body website. If you intend to submit an application to this scheme please contact your Research Hub before the date listed above: