Research Division

Sarcoma Foundation of America - Research Grants

Start Date

15 Jan 2021

  • Due to Hub: 15 January 2021
  • External deadline: 1 February 2021

The Sarcoma Foundation of America (SFA) research grants provide one-year grants in the amount of $50,000, to support translational science research on the etiology, molecular biology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of human sarcomas. In support of the SFA’s overall mission to fund research and increase awareness and advocacy for sarcoma patients and their families, the goal of the SFA grant program is to encourage research that results in improved therapeutic options for sarcoma patients. The SFA encourages applications that focus on the following areas of research for the 2021 cycle:

  • Immunotherapy
  • Omic characterisation of sarcomas and definition of novel targets
  • Omic patterns of sensitivity and resistance to existing agents
  • Systemic therapy combinations
  • Gene Therapy

For more information please see the funding body website. If you intend to submit an application to this scheme please contact your Research Hub before the date listed above: