Research Division

Contract obligations and responsibilities

The Chief Investigator (CI) is responsible for all obligations that are outlined in the project agreement. The Office of Research (ORS) and other divisions within the University (e.g. Finance, Legal and Human Resources) provide support to the Project Leader/Chief Investigators in meeting their responsibilities for all project agreement obligations.

Obligation UTAS Research Support
The project is delivered in accordance with the terms of the agreement Research Operations - Funding (Grants, Contract Research and Consultancies) and Legal (Research) can assist you
Correct ethics approval is obtained prior to the commencement of the project ORS Research Integrity and Ethics team can assist you
All reporting and milestone obligations are adhered to
  • ORS will send automated reminders via email when reporting and milestone obligation are due
  • Please advise your ORS Funding Officer when each deliverable is met.
  • A number of milestone reporting templates and specific funding body reporting schedules and instructions (ARC, NHMRC, etc.) are available here. For funding body milestone templates that are not available on the Research website, the reporting obligations will be stated in your contract.
All compliance obligations are adhered to, such as obligations regarding publications, confidentiality and acknowledgment of the funding body ORS Research Integrity and Ethics team and the Work Health & Safety – Biosafety team are available to assist you.
All intellectual property requirements are adhered to The BD&TT team can assist you
All project funds are expended in accordance with the activities and instructions outlined in the contract The relevant Finance Hub team can assist you
Appropriate Insurance Cover is provided for the project Consult with Legal Services to support you.
To disclose any conflicts of interest that might arise during the project, in accordance with the agreement and the UTAS conflicts of interest policy  
Contracts are adhered to or amended if necessary. Research Operations - Funding (Grants, Contract Research and Consultancies) and Legal (Research) can assist you