Research Division

Approved Arrangement facilities

The University has several Approved Arrangement facilities of varying classes which may be used for activities involving material under biosecurity control. The table below lists the location of these facilities and the relevant Facility Managers.

Facility Managers must provide approval prior to commencing work with biosecurity material in their facilities.

Approved Arrangement Contacts
LocationFacility ManagerApproved Arrangements
Plant Science, Sandy BayValerie HechtT0067, T1299, T1300, T1301, T1304, T1314
IMAS WaterfrontPam QuayleT1262, T1270, T1325
Central Science LaboratoryLeesa BorojevicT1233, T1275, T1276
Medical ScienceDavid SteeleT1237, T1294
IMAS NewnhamPam QuayleT1048