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Forms and Resources

The central point of contact between the University and biosecurity regulators is the Biosafety and Biosecurity Officer.

Please submit completed forms to the Biosafety and Biosecurity Officer (

Application for Transfer or Release of Biosecurity MaterialDepartment of Agriculture form for movement of biosecurity material between Approved Arrangements, or release of biosecurity material.
Importers DeclarationTemplate for creating an Importers or Manufacturer's Declaration to accompany imported samples.
In vivo approvalApplication for approval to use restricted imported biological material in vivo.
Import Notification - nursery stockDepartment of Agriculture form to provide advice of import of nursery stock (including plant tissue culture). Must be completed and submitted at least 7 business days prior to anticipated arrival.
Plant Research Material QuestionnaireDepartment of Agriculture form required as part of new applications for plant research material import permits.
Standard Laboratory MicroorganismsList of standard laboratory microorganisms which can be imported from overseas without remaining under biosecurity control (non-GM strains only).
Biosecurity Tasmania NoI - grains and seedsDPIPWE Notice of Intention to import grain or seed from interstate and/or overseas.
Biosecurity Tasmania NoI - plant materialDPIPWE Notice of Intention to import plant material from interstate and/or overseas.
Biosecurity Tasmania inspection request formDPIPWE form for booking an inspection of imported plant material.