Research Division

Health and Medical HREC

The Tasmanian Health and Medical Human Research Committee (HMHREC) (Terms of Reference) is responsible for conducting scientific and ethical reviews of research involving:

  • Physiological, clinical and/or medical interventions
  • The use of human biospecimens
  • Human genetic research
  • Staff, patients or resources in a health provider setting (both public and private)

The Tasmanian Scientific Research Advisory Committee (TSRAC) (Terms of Reference) is a subcommittee of the HMHREC. The objective of the TSRAC is to review and advise the scientific validity, merit and integrity of health and medical human research applications, prior to their consideration by the HMHREC.

If you are planning to submit a Prior Approval application (see Types of Applications), or your project is funded by a Category 1 grant you can apply from an exemption from TSRAC Review if you are able to provide the following:

  • Evidence of peer review of the funded research plan
  • Evidence of approval from another NHMRC registered HREC
  • Evidence of funding approval from a Category 1 Grant

TSRAC Review Exemption Guidelines can be found on our Forms page.

If you are thinking about conducting a research project with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, communities or their data, the design of your project must respect and take into account the values, and cultural protocols of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Please visit the Best Practice in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research Ethics page for information about these considerations.

More information about the HMHREC:

Requests for endorsement as an Authorised Prescriber:

The HMHREC are able to review requests from clinicians for endorsement as an Authorised Prescriber under the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989. When preparing your request please take note of Memorandum on Authorised Prescriber requirements (PDF 46.8KB).