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Types of Applications


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TSRAC Review Exemption Guidelines. If your project has already received peer review, you may be eligible to apply for exemption from review by the Tasmanian Scientific Research Advisory Committee.

  1. Full Applications - Applications which are determined to carry greater than 'low risk’ and have not been approved by another NHMRC accredited HREC require completion of a full application. Applications are created using the Human Research Ethics Application (HREA). Clinical Trials also require completion of a full application. If you are requesting a waiver of consent (for example, you are proposing a retrospective audit), do not use the HREA. Chapter 2.3 of the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007 - Updated 2018) states that waivers of consent can only be granted for low risk research. Therefore, you must use the Low Risk Application Form (WORD 93.5KB) (see below).

  2. Prior Approval Application - If your project already has approval from a NHMRC registered Australian HREC in the last 2 years, including clinical trials already approved for another Tasmanian site, and is compliant with the updates to the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research 2007 (updated 2018). You should submit a Prior Approval Application Form alongside the following; a copy of the approved application, approved documents such as study project description/protocol, any amendments or modifications to the project since original ethics approval was granted, a copy of the formal letter of approval including approved document listing, master participant information sheet and consent forms, Tasmania-specific information sheet and consent forms (with their own version control) and all other approved documents applicable to the research in Tasmania. The application can be submitted at any time and will be reviewed by the HREC Chair subject to ratification by the full HREC at its next meeting.

  3. Low Risk - If your project meets the criteria of 'low risk' (per Chapter 2.1 of the of the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007 - Updated 2018) - Research is ‘low risk’ where the only foreseeable risk is one of discomfort. Where the risk, even if unlikely, is more serious than discomfort, the research is not low risk.), you may submit a low risk application. Low Risk Applications may be submitted at any time, as these are reviewed by the TSRAC and HREC Chair out of session.

  4. Low Risk and Waiver of Consent - Your project must meet the requirements of low risk research if you are seeking a 'Waiver of Consent'. The low risk application form must be used as well as a Privacy Form for Researchers (WORD 109.8KB). This form must be included with ethics applications if the proposed research involves the collection, use or disclosure of personal information held by Commonwealth or State agencies, or organisations in the private sector. Each year, we are required to report to the National Health and Medical Research Council on our use of and compliance with privacy guidelines when assessing relevant research applications. This form enables us to collect the information necessary to meet these reporting requirements.
    These applications must be reviewed by the full HREC in accordance with section 2.3.5 of the National Statement. They are not required to be reviewed by the TSRAC. As a result, these applications may be submitted on the date of the TSRAC meeting to allow for inclusion in the Agenda of the next HREC meeting.

    Please refer to the following privacy guidelines prior to completing this form:

  5. Quality Improvement Activities - For Quality Improvement activities and case reports, please review the Health and Medical HREC position statement (PDF 37.2KB) on these activities.