Research Division

Submitting an application

All research projects which involve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander data that is not publicly available, are reviewed by a full Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC).  Depending on your research project, this may be the Health & Medical HREC or the Social Science HREC. For Health & Medical applications the Human Research Ethics Application (HREA) form is used. For Social Science applications a local application from is used and can be downloaded from the forms page.  

For applications to both the Health & Medical HREC and Social Science HREC, your application will need to demonstrate how this research project addresses each of the values listed in the Ethical conduct in research with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and communities: Guidelines for researchers and stakeholders, 2018 Guidelines: Spirit and Integrity; Cultural Continuity; Equity; Reciprocity; Respect; Responsibility. Examples of how you can demonstrate the six values in research projects is available in this PDF: Guidance for the Six Values Table (PDF 68KB)

Please complete the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander supplementary form (Word 95KB) and submit to the HREC along with your application documents for review. This form will also need to be completed for amendments to projects were Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people or their data are being included where they weren't previously.