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Thesis Whisperer - How to fix your academic writing trouble - Hobart


11th Jul 2019 1:00pm-4:00pm


Researcher Development is very excited to be hosting the The Thesis Whisperer; Associate Professor Inger Mewburn, director of research training at the Australian National University.


Seminar Room 304, Level 3, Engineering Building, Sandy Bay

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How to fix your academic writing trouble

Academics read a lot of tortured prose written by their students. Some of this prose is technically competent, but for a range of reasons fails to persuade a highly knowledgeable and experienced reader. Writing in an ‘academic style’ that makes you sound scholarly is essential, but if no one ever tells you there is a style, or how to achieve it, it’s easy to find yourself lost and confused. While there are differences, some issues of style transcend disciplinary boundaries.

In this workshop we will focus on key ‘pain points’ of academic writing. Mastering these elements of style will help competent academic writers become outstanding and persuasive communicators. This workshop is based on our book ‘How to fix your academic writing trouble’ and contains practical exercises and information that will be of value to any research writer, up to and including late career academics.

Audience: any academic writer engaged in doing research, but late stage HASS discipline PhD candidates will probably benefit most.
Length: 3 hours
Number: up to 40 participants
Participants should bring: their own internet enabled device and copies of their work in progress

Copies of the book, 'How to fix your academic writing troubles: A practical guide' is available here.

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