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Supervising New HDR Students: setting up the partnership (For Supervisors - Launceston)


13 Jun 2019 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm


Researcher Development and Human Resources are very pleased to be welcoming visiting UK scholar, Dr Kay Guccione to the University of Tasmania. Dr Guccione is a specialist in supervision, tutoring and mentoring, teaching people how to build trust and alliance in educational relationships, aiming to develop a coaching skill-set as part of the academic repertoire. She is offering a program of workshops during her visit and the following is specifically targeted to HDR supervisors.


G71 Collaborative Learning Space, Swanson Building (AMC), Newnham

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Supervising New HDR Students: setting up the partnership

This session is for HDR supervisors and offers some ideas that supervisors can use to set context for and agree the supervision partnership, getting off to the best possible start. Inviting open discussions about expectations, roles, responsibilities, and how you can each work best together, can support the building of effective relationships that endure through testing times. This session will make time for discussion of the real-world challenges and benefits of open discussion with new students, and each participant will leave with a personal ‘prompt sheet’ they can use with new students. Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Review and discuss the contextual landscape for an HDR;
  • Discuss and compare the expectations placed upon an HDR from a supervisor, student, and institutional/sector perspective;
  • Review potential topics for discussion in expectation setting with new HDR students, and create their own prompt sheet for future use.


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