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SuperVisionaries: integrated HDR supervisor development work (for Professional Staff - Launceston)


11th Jun 2019 1:00pm-3:00pm


Researcher Development and Human Resources are very pleased to be welcoming visiting UK scholar, Dr Kay Guccione to the University of Tasmania. Dr Guccione is a specialist in supervision, tutoring and mentoring, teaching people how to build trust and alliance in educational relationships, aiming to develop a coaching skill-set as part of the academic repertoire. She is offering a program of workshops during her visit and the following are specifically targeted to professional staff.


Seminar Room V137, Building V (Computing), Launceston, Newnham

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SuperVisionaries: integrated HDR supervisor development work – For professional staff (Hobart)

This practice-based presentation is for University of Tasmania HDR/Staff Developers/Strategy Managers and will present the underpinning ideas and methods behind the integrated ‘SuperVisionaries’ HDR supervisor development work at the University of Sheffield which comprises:

  • A Supervisor development workshop series based on a community flipped learning approach, and with trust building, coaching and educational alliance, as core principles;
  • A celebratory ‘Name & Acclaim’ recognition system where HDR students recognise and thank their supervisors;
  • HDR Tutors: The role and tensions, and building a network of departmental champions for good supervisory cultures – Tutors are an academic-administrative position dedicated to HDR student representation and support;
  • Associate Supervisor Status for Research Associates (postdocs) gained through experiential practice, peer-observation, classroom learning, and self-directed reflective study.

Participants will have chance to discuss these ideas, modifying and adapting them for the University of Tasmania context.


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