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CSL Helps Facilitate ARC success!

Published 17 Jan 2018
CSL Helps Facilitate ARC success!

There is cause to celebrate success in the recent ARC LIEF and DISCOVERY project rounds. Dr Richard Wilson is part of a multidisciplinary team of researchers who won an ARC LIEF grant for a new multi-purpose Mass Spectrometer. Dr David Nichols was part of a successful bit for an ARC Discovery project on "Manipulating plant root exudation for soil-borne disease control".

Image of Dr Richard Wilson and Dr David Nichols

Richard Wilson (CSL) with colleagues Steven Smith (School of Biological Sciences); Brett Paull (School of Physical Sciences); Gregory Woods (Menzies/Health) and Anna King (Wicking Centre) have secured an ARC LIEF grant titled "Advanced high resolution biomolecular analysis facility for Tasmania". This will fund an advanced multi-purpose Mass Spectrometer which will underpin research programs spanning plant science, agricultural research, food safety, animal and human health research and separation science.

David Nichols (CSL) and Calum Wilson (TIA) have together secured a Discovery grant titled "Manipulating plant root exudation for soil-borne disease control". This project will refine exudate analytic tools with wide application across plant sciences. We will then examine manipulation of exudation to alter pathogen signalling processes. The period between pathogen resting spore germination and root infection is of greatest vulnerability but is generally under-explored. Using a model pathogen system we will determine the genetic and physiological responses to phytochemical stimulation of resting spores. Manipulation of root chemical signals may offer novel and effective disease management tools.

Many congratulations to our colleagues for their well deserved successes.