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Instrument for particle size analyses installed

Qicpic particle size analyser

A Sympatec QICPIC particle size analyser was commissioned in February 2017. The instrument features 3 dispersion systems. LIXELL measures the particle size in suspension. RODOS and GRADIS measure the size of dry particles. The instrument covers the range from ~10um to 10000um.

First tests comparing the instrument with size measurements by SEM and the conventionally used sieving method have been conducted. The results show a significant improvement in the precision compared to the conventional sieving method and indicate that conventional sieving might in some cases underestimate the actual particle size by allowing rod-shaped particles to pass through the grid.

Furthermore, the software offers filter options that allow removing certain contaminations from the results (e.g., fibres from particle samples), which increases the precision of the results even more.

Please visit the Particle Characterisation Facility website for further information about the instrument.

Published on: 10 Jan 2018 3:55pm