Gas jet in a cross-flow

Closing Date

30th June 2020*

Applicants should contact the primary supervisor, and submit their Expression of Interest (EOI) and Application as soon as possible.

*unless filled earlier

The Research Project

This project involves development of an experimental programme based on the investigation of the flow associated with a gas jet in a liquid cross-flow. The injection of gas through discrete holes has been proposed as a novel method for drag reduction of marine vehicles and it has been a topic of interest in a several recent publications. Within this project the influence of the flow parameters on the physics of the resulting flow, as well as practicability of its application, will be investigated in a water tunnel.

The ability to independently and precisely control the parameters of interest, such as momentum flux ratio, cross-flow velocity, boundary layer thickness to gas outlet diameter ratio and free-stream pressure will be used to determine the resulting gas cavity topology for the different flow modes and provide an advice on optimal flow conditions for the prototype realization of a drag-reduction system.

The basic understanding of the underlying flow physics will be further assessed through the analysis of the flow unsteady characteristics. In addition, due to its canonical character, the examined flow is well suited for numerical modelling, and therefore the obtained experimental dataset could be of an archival value for a future comparison with computational results.


The following eligibility criteria apply to this project:

  • Bachelor degree in engineering

Applicants with the following skills will rank highly:

  • Experience in experimental fluid mechanics
  • Advanced data analysis skills
For More Information

Please contact Dr Bryce Pearce for more information.