Improving resilience in agri-food supply chains

Closing Date

30th June 2020*

Applicants should contact the primary supervisor, and submit their Expression of Interest (EOI) and Application as soon as possible.

*unless filled earlier

The Research Project

Supply chains are frequently subject to disruptions resulting in growing supply chain volatility. Supply chain volatility not only affects businesses but consumers as well. Due to the perishability of agri-food products, the consequences of disruptions become much severer than manufactured products. Supply chain resilience, as the collective ability of supply chain participants to deal with disruptions and develop strategies for rapid recovery to ensure sufficient and stable supplies, has attracted much research interest in recent years. This research aims to improve resilience in agri-food supply chains.

  • Basic understanding of supply chain management and operations management
  • Good communication skill
  • Good analytical skills
  • Work or research experience in supply chain management and operations management
  • Knowledge about agri-food supply chains

See the following web page for entry requirements:

Application Process

Applicants who require more information or are interested in this specific project should first contact the listed Supervisor. Information and guidance on the application process can be found on the Apply Now website.

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More Information

Please contact, Jiangang Fei for further information.