Maximizing ship's operational capacity using real-time sea state estimate

Closing Date

30th June 2020*

Applicants should contact the primary supervisor, and submit their Expression of Interest (EOI) and Application as soon as possible.

*unless filled earlier

The Research Project

A combined consideration of design and operation aspects can effectively be used to achieve a sufficient safety level. In application, this principle requires further investigation to be provided for the preparation of operational measures, consistent with the vulnerability assessment and for the specification of direct stability assessment.

The Second Generation of Intact Stability Criteria (SGISC) in near future requires implementation of the operational limitations and operational guidance in specific areas, routes or season to prevent five stability failure modes: 1. pure loss of stability; 2. parametric roll; 3. surf riding/broaching; 4. dead ship condition; and 5. excessive acceleration. Limitations imposed on the operation, limit the loading capacity, the intended sailing routes and the desired speed. However, that is not received favourably by ship owners and operators.

The objectives of this project are:

1. Developing an algorithm to identify aforesaid stability failure modes, using real-time sea state prediction,

2. Maximising the operational capacity by minimising the adverse effect of operational limitations imposed by SGISC.

3. Implement this understanding into a state-of-the-art numerical simulation

  • Indepth understanding of ship's hydrodynamics
  • Experience with CFD codes/software
  • Applicants from variety of disciplines are eligible to apply

See the following web page for entry requirements:

Assessment Criteria
  • Basic understanding of signal processing techniques
  • Exposure to ship model testing
  • Ship sailing experience
Application Process

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More Information

Please contact, Hossein Enshaei for further information.