The obstacles of moving cargoes from road to coastal shipping: Australian perspective

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30th June 2020*

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The Research Project

Although Australia is one of largest island countries on earth, with 85% of the population living within 50km of the coast, the potential benefits of coastal shipping has not been achieved. Coastal shipping is not only the safest and greenest mode of transport, but can arguably provide 50% cost savings of transport cost and even more, for sufficiently large shipments. Despite the constraints of over dimensional cargo, fragile cargoes and increase interstate freight rate associated with road transportation yet close to 90% of interstate cargoes are moved by rail and road.

This project aims to investigate the obstacles and constraints on Australian coastal shipping and seeks to promote this sector. To achieve the objective, the project consists of three parts. The first part estimates the potential coastal freight task. The second part identifies and evaluates the effect of various factors on the cost and efficiency of intermodal coastal transport, especially the moving of cargoes from road to coastal shipping in the country to its potential capacity. The study considers various obstacles and constraints, including but not limited to demand-related demographic characteristics, distribution of shipment size; supply-related coastal fleet and port infrastructure; the institutional environment e.g. policy; and other factors e.g. technology and sustainable development. The third part aims at the developing of a strategic plan for Australian coastal shipping development.

  • Applicants must be able to demonstrate strong research and analytical skills
  • Applicants must already have been awarded a First Class Honours degree or hold equivalent qualifications (e.g. master's degree) or relevant and substantial research experience in an appropriate sector
  • Applicants must have knowledge and skills in the following areas: Shipping operations; international trade; and freight operations

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