Documenting the experiences of LGBTQIA+ engineers in Australian workplaces

Closing Date

14th May 2021

Applicants should contact the primary supervisor, and submit their Expression of Interest (EOI) and Application as soon as possible.

Colleges Involved
  • College of Arts, Law and Education
  • College of Science and Engineering
The Research Project

This doctoral thesis seeks to document the experiences of LGBTQIA+ engineers in Australian workplaces. Like policing and defence, engineering is considered a highly masculine workplace environment and the very limited extant research suggests engineering workplaces can be hostile and unwelcoming for LGBTQIA+ employees. The proposed doctoral project is therefore motivated by research that has explored the issues for LGBTQIA+ workers in similarly masculine environments, like policing and defence, and found workplace experiences to be challenging and harmful for LGBTQIA+ people. The proposed thesis will conduct the first research in Australia to document in-depth the experiences of LGBTQIA+ engineers in their workplaces. It will do this in collaboration with Interengineer, a community of LGBTQIA+ engineers in Australia that advocates for LGBTQIA+ engineers in Australian engineering workplaces.

This Ph.D. research will focus on the following key aims:

  • To document the experiences of LGBTQIA+ engineers in Australian workplaces;
  • To critically examine existing global literature focused on LGBTQIA+ engineers to establish a gap in knowledge;
  • To investigate how notions of heteronormativity and cis-normativity shape LGBTQIA+ engineers in Australia;
  • To document the key issues impacting the workplace experiences of LGBTQIA+ engineers in Australia through interviews; and
  • To discuss the implications of this analysis in terms of the existing research literature and knowledge.
  • LGBTQIA+ engineers in Australian industries and LGBTQIA+ students are encouraged to apply to undertake this project

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Application Process

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More Information

Please contact, Dr Angela Dwyer for further information.