Research Themes and Research Excellence: A cross-disciplinary discussion


6th Sep 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm


1 hour
Venue Stanley Burbury Lecture Theatre, Sandy Bay


HDR Candidates; All Staff

The University’s Research Themes draw together our rich multi-disciplinary expertise to develop solutions to real-world problems of global relevance, within a local context. They provide an interdisciplinary setting for individuals, established research concentrations and our partners to work collaboratively, and capitalise on the advantages presented by our unique locality and existing areas of research excellence.

Join us for a panel discussion and Q&A, as representatives from the University’s five Research Themes discuss cross-disciplinary research with a focus on two case-studies.

Introduction: Professor Brigid Heywood, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
Better Health: Dr. Scott Pedersen
Creativity, Culture & Society: Dr. Olivia Rundle
Data, Knowledge & Decisions: Associate Professor Michael Charleston
Environment, Resources & Sustainability: Dr. Peat Leith
Marine, Antarctic & Maritime: Associate Professor Elizabeth Leane

Please RSVP by Tuesday 5th September.

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