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The University of Tasmania operates four observatories:

  • The Greenhill Observatory – An optical observatory research facility located in the southern Midlands about 65km North of Hobart. Our astronomers and their collaborators use the 1.3-metre Harlingten telescope to search for exoplanets around stars in the direction of the centre of the Milky Way, and to monitor variable stars and transient objects.
  • Mt Pleasant Radio Observatory – A radio observatory located near Cambridge, about 30 minutes north of Hobart. There are two radio telescopes on the site, the 26-metre "Mt Pleasant Antenna" and the 14 metre "Vela Antenna".
  • Grote Reber Museum and Observatory –The radio observatory has been operating for more than 20 years, with its distinctive 26m diameter radio "dish". Sharing this location overlooking the Coal River Valley is a new museum, which showcases the life and work of Grote Reber, renowned Tasmanian radio astronomer, and the work of the University's radio telescopes.
  • Ceduna Radio Observatory - The Ceduna Radio Observatory is the only one of the University's observatories not located in Tasmania. The observatory and associated land is located near the town of Ceduna, South Australia, supporting interconnectedness of a global satellite system.