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Engaging with UTAS

Why Develop a Research Partnership with UTAS

The University of Tasmania (UTAS) is committed to solving complex, real-world problems.

Recognising the importance of tackling these challenges, UTAS has demonstrated a long history of working effectively with corporations, government, charities and individuals to deliver partnerships that drive innovation and deliver solutions.

Research at UTAS is above world standard in 16 broad fields. This strong performance reflects the depth and breadth of research capability that UTAS can offer its partners. UTAS is particularly well positioned to service and collaborate with organisations with interests in the following areas:

For more information on working with UTAS in these or any other field contact the Executive Director, Innovation and Enterprise

Innovative products and services, improved quality and increased productivity are fundamental sources of corporate growth and improved financial performance.

New avenues of valuable innovation arises both within and outside a company and research universities like UTAS have become major innovation partners with both industry and government as exemplified by its participation in a number of large scale and often multi-disciplinary industry led R&D programs including the:

Likewise, UTAS is equally familiar working with small and medium size enterprises to provide cost-effective access to state-of-art innovation and invites potential partners to contact the Executive Director, Innovation and Enterprise to discuss how UTAS can assist your business or organisation access innovative solutions.

UTAS will consider each collaboration, fee-for-service or strategic partnership on its own merits and negotiate the terms of IP ownership and IP management in consultation with our partners taking into consideration their specific needs.  

UTAS recognises that our commercial partners will require IP and commercial terms that will facilitate competitiveness in the marketplace and it will seek to identify flexible and innovative arrangements that allow our partners to achieve their goals.

However, partners should visit UTAS IP principles to review the guiding principles that will shape our negotiations.

UTAS’ Office of Business Development and Technology Transfer is available to work with organisations to develop equitable terms for fee-for-service research, collaborations, in- and out-licensing of intellectual property, and new company formation. UTAS is committed to providing prompt and professional service to our partners.

In addition to providing connections to across UTAS diverse range of faculties, departments, labs, and centres, the Office of Business Development and Technology Transfer can also leverage the University’s network with other research providers, corporate and government partners to expand the scope and depth of a response to your research needs.

ORS can also be instrumental in providing contacts within UTAS faculties, departments, labs, and centres. In addition to corporate partners, ORS also helps government organisations looking for innovative solutions to local, regional and international challenges.

Interested in partnering with UTAS, please contact:

Professor Craig Johnson
Executive Director, Innovation and Enterprise
Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
Sandy Bay | +61 3 6226 2582