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Case Studies

The University of Tasmania is the proud recipient of the highest number of Australian Research Council Industrial Transformation Training Centres and Hubs in the country. This achievement is a shining example of the University’s capacity to engage with industry and establish strategic partnerships that add value.

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Forest Value

New opportunities in landscape management and sustainable design ($9.2M)

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Naval Design and Manufacturing

Design and manufacture of naval shipbuilding ($4.2M)

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Portable Analytical Technologies

New technologies to enable portable separation science applications ($4.1M)

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Innovative Horticultural Products

New products with improved shelf life and sensory quality in the fresh produce sector ($3.2M)

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Transforming the Mining Value Chain

Create impact on the value of Australia’s mineral resources ($9.5M)

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Commercial Development of Rock Lobster

Seeking to establish the world’s first rock lobster hatchery ($8.3M)

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Pathways to Market

On-farm and supply chain sensing to enhance decision making from paddock to plate ($6.3M)