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Daniel Terry

Daniel Terry


  • Bachelor of Nursing, University of Tasmania, 2001 - 2003
  • Diploma of Management, Esset Australia 2007 - 2008
  • Graduate Certificate of International Health, Curtin University 2009
  • Masters of International Health, Curtin University 2010 -2011
  • PhD Candidate, University of Tasmania 2011 - 2014
  • Recipient of The University of Tasmania Elite Research Scholarship (Rural Health)

Research Interests

  • Rural and Community Health
  • Global and International Health


Daniel has a passion for health and wellbeing, which extends from when he volunteered in South Africa, assisting in many capacities in health and education in both metropolitan and rural settings for two years. This desire led him to become a Registered Nurse when returning to Tasmania. As such he has spent the past seven years working in the community setting, which has allowed him to focus on primary health care, prevention and chronic disease management.

Daniel values learning and understanding international and global health issues in their context of wider cultural, historical and political complexities. This has led him to complete a Masters in International health and has allowed him to go on to Doctor of Philosophy in Rural Health.

Current Research

Title of study: Health and wellbeing of International Medical Graduates: Acculturation into the Tasmanian rural and remote context
Daniel's research will focus on the Health and wellbeing of International Medical Graduates (IMGs) who are required to work in remote and rural areas to be accepted into Australia. These Health Professionals are met with challenges to their acculturation into a new cultural and remote environment, culturally, socially and emotionally. From the perspective of the community there are also issues about acceptance of the community and its accommodation of IMGs whose culture and working practice may pose some lack of sympathy. It is expected that his PhD will offer understanding and responding to these issues.


  • Terry, D. and Q. Le. Asian Migrants' Health Risks in the Tasmanian Rural Context: Directions for Primary Healthcare Development. PHCRED Symposium presentation. University of Tasmania, Launceston, 10th December 2010.
  • Terry, D. and Q. Le. 2011. Health risks of Asian migrants in rural Tasmania - A Qualitative Study. Asian and Pacific Migration Journal. (submitted February 2011)


  • Dr. Quynh Le - Lecturer, Graduate Research Coordinator, Centre for Rural Health, University of Tasmania
  • Dr. Jess Woodroffe - Lecturer and Joint Community Engagement Coordinator, Centre for Rural Health, University of Tasmania