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Edwin Mseke

Edwin Mseke

Edwin Mseke

PhD Candidate


Location: Centre for Rural Health, E Block, Newnham Campus


Edwin has a first class master’s degree in Statistics with a number of research articles in Public Health.


B.A Statistics, MA. Statistics


My interests include the use of statistics to explore the best ways to improve healthcare services in rural and remote communities. Moreover, I like to experience new things (sights and sounds), reading books including the bible and searching for new discoveries and future projections.

PhD Research

Project/Thesis Title

Recruitment and Retention of Nursing and Allied Healthcare professionals in rural and remote areas of Tasmania


Globally the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates there is a shortage of approximately 4.3 million healthcare professionals. Allied health professionals play a significant role in the health and wellbeing of people in both rural and urban areas. Despite a lot of initiatives to attract high quality health professionals to rural and remote areas of Australia, be given priority in recent years shortages still exists. Not only shortages but also uneven distribution of healthcare professionals is widely recognized. Therefore, the study will look on distribution and the best ways to retain nurse and allied healthcare workers as well as how distance influence patient’s decision on obtaining health services.

SupervisorsAssociate Prof. Tony Barnett, Dr. Merylin Cross and Dr. Belinda Jessup.


1. E Paul, AH Mtumwa, JE Ntwenya, SAH Vuai, Disparities in risk factors associated with obesity between Zanzibar and Tanzania Mainland among women of reproductive age based on the 2010 TDHS, Journal of obesity, 2016.

2.  AH Mtumwa, JE Ntwenya, E Paul, M Huang, S Vuai Socio-economic and spatial correlates of subclinical iodine deficiency among pregnant women age 15–49 years in Tanzania, BMC Nutrition 3 (1), 47.

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4. Leonard Kamanga Katalambula, Julius Edward Ntwenya, Twalib Ngoma, Joram Buza, Emmanuel Mpolya, Edwin Paul, Pammla Petrucka, Dietary pattern as a predictor of colorectal cancer among general health population in Arusha Tanzania: A population based descriptive study, International Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism 9 (3), 20-29.

5. E. Paul, M. G. Naimani, S. A. Msengwa, An Identification and Assessment of the Needs and Necessary Conditions for Transferring Students from Informal to Formal Education System, a Case Study of Complementary Basic Education (COBET), Journal of the Open University of Tanzania, Vol 24, No 3 (2017).