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Joanne Yeoh

Joanne Yeoh




  • Bachelor of Education (Honour) (USM, Penang, Malaysia)
  • Master of Education (UTAS, Tasmania, Australia)

Joanne is from northern part of Malaysia. After graduated from BEd in Malaysia, she decided to further Master study in Tasmania, Australia. Coming to Australia is a great turning point for Joanne where she had opportunities to visit a new country, new environment, and experienced a lot of things in her life. What surprised her was she had opportunity to continue her study to PhD level. This was a glory for her and her parents. A new and exciting life chapter begin from now.

Current Study

Title of Research: Food security and cultural identity of migrants in the rural health context

Australia is a multicultural country which has shown increment in amount of migrants to Australia in recent years. Different cultural backgrounds of migrants bring some problems and issues in relation to food safety and health. Thus, this study proposed to investigate the views of migrants with different cultural identity in Australia about food security in rural health context. Besides, research will identify the problems facing migrants of different cultural backgrounds on food security, as well as examine social and cultural capitals which enhance the perceptions of migrants. Furthermore, the search also identifies acculturation strategies used by migrants on food security in new environment.