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Lorraine Walker

Lorraine Walker


PhD Candidate - Centre for Rural Health


  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Graduate Diploma Nursing Education
  • Master of Nursing (Research)

Research Interests

  • Clinical placement opportunities
  • Interprofessional education
  • Clinical supervision


Lorraine grew up in a tiny hamlet in Gippsland, Victoria and although she has lived and worked in a variety of places in Victoria and overseas maintains a passion for the rural setting. She has a background in a broad context of nursing including: critical care, emergency, and management in Australia and the United Kingdom. Lorraine also worked as an academic in Nursing for many years and has wide-ranging experience in the development and delivery of educational programs. For the last three years Lorraine has been leading activities and related projects to facilitate capacity and quality for professional entry clinical placements in Gippsland.

Current Research

Title: Exploring education and interprofessional learning in rural clinical learning environments

As a health clinician, opportunities for interprofessional learning and practice have always been of interest. Facilitating clinical placements as part of her current and previous academic role and undertaking related projects has engendered an interest in the clinical learning environment, so it seemed like a natural fit to explore these two areas. This study will explore how interprofessional learning opportunities could be formalised, optimised, and supported within the rural clinical learning environment to promote students’ preparedness for interprofessional practice.


  • Dr Merylin Cross
  • Associate Professor Tony Barnett


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