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Peter Mulholland

Peter Mulholland


BA (Humanities & Social Sciences)
ADipHSc (Paramedic)
ADipHSc (Ambulance Officer)
Cert General Nursing


Dec 1997: Award: Individual Excellence in Ambulance Practice
   Northern Region Tasmanian Ambulance Service
Feb 2006: Award: Pre-hospital emergency care bursary (Rural Health)
  Institute: University of Tasmania


I have been involved with ambulance since 1986 following a 6 year career in nursing. My ambulance training was initially in Melbourne where I worked for 6 years before moving to Wonthaggi station in East Gippsland. Moving to Tasmania in 1994 I began working for Ambulance Tasmania where I trained to Intensive Care level. I have worked in Launceston to the present time and currently hold the position of Regional Education Coordinator.

Research Background

Research assistant - The rural and regional paramedic / Moving beyond emergency response 2005 - 2006

Master of Medical Science University of Tasmania - A comparison of the practice of rural and urban paramedics - Bridging the gap between education, training, and practice Aug 2010

Current PhD Project

Inter-professional Learning in Paramedic Practice - Commenced July 2011, this project investigates how and under the conditions which inter-professional learning occurs in paramedic practice.


Paramedics Australasia