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Priyadarshni Bindal

Priya Bindal

Priyadarshni Bindal

PhD Candidate


Location: Centre for Rural Health, E Block, Newnham Campus


Priya is a dentist and had been working as a clinical academician in a public University in Malaysia for three years full time and for years part time. During here part time position as an academician she took up a grant project from Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia and worked in Regenerative Medicine. From 2015-2016 she was a visiting researcher for a on a project in Swinburne University, Victoria. Currently, she is undertaking a doctoral project on Improving “Oral Health Related Quality of Life in Community Dwelling Older Adults in Rural Tasmania.”


Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Master of Science (Manipal, India)


Oral Health, Aged Health Care, Medical and Health Sciences ,Health and Community Services, Dental Materials and Equipment, Technology , Higher Education, Primary Health Care, Community engagement, Health Promotion, Cellular, Immunology, Oral Microbiota , Biomarkers in diagnostics, Salivary proteomics, Teaching and Learning, Blended learning, Innovation in Teaching and assessment.

PhD Research

Project/Thesis Title

Improving the Oral Health of Community Dwelling Elders in Rural Tasmania


As the old age sets in elders become more functionally dependent and eventually shift from independent living to more supported care. Due to increased retention of teeth and oral diseases into older age can create a considerable burden of disease. Poor oral health can lead to pain, social isolation and malnutrition and is associated with chronic conditions such as frailty and diabetes adversely impacting overall well being of an individual. This project aims at the determinants of oral related quality of life in community dwelling older adults in rural Tasmania and eventually design a intervention strategy to improve their oral health of prior to their entry to residential aged care facilities.

Supervisors Associate Prof. Tony Barnett and Dr Ha Hoang


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