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Yun (Maria) Yue

Maria Yue


  • Master of Education (Tas)
  • Bachelor of Education specialized in English (China)
  • Certificate of Primary School Teacher (China)

Maria is from Shanghai, China. In China, the one-child policy may not be well-received by parents who love to have a big family, but to her it is a big bless as she has received the most love and all attention from her parents. After graduated from Anhui University, she moved to Shanghai with her family and became a primary school teacher. After one and half years, she worked in a major French company, in Human Resource Office, in charge of staff training program.

Coming to Australia was a great turning point in her life. Apart from gaining academic qualification, she has developed a profound love for Tasmania with its beautiful landscapes and friendly people. After finishing her Master's degree, she decided to further her academic pathway by climbing up the PhD ladder. With her parents and supervisors' support, she opened a new chapter in her life and stepped into a new exciting journey.

Current Study

PHD Candidate

Title of research: Health and Wellbeing of International Students in an Australian Tertiary Context

In recent years, due to economic development and globalization there is a dramatic increase of international students coming to Australia and attending various courses. International students have already become a large and indispensable population group in Australian society. Most international students who undertake university courses in Australia would encounter more difficulties and challenges than local university students, especially for those non-English speaking background (NESB) students whose home country cultures are considerably different from that of Australia, and these adjustment problems have a profound influence on their health and wellbeing. However, at present, there is great deal of research and literature about international students' perceptions of their academic challenges and experiences but less about their physical and mental health.

The purpose of the research is to identify different factors that influence the health and wellbeing of international students, and to examine various coping strategies used by international students, and also to analyze the relationship among adjustment problems or coping strategies and population demographic factors. Furthermore, the search also identifies the kind of effective social support which can promote international students' health and wellbeing. It is hoped that the research can provide some recommendations to policy makers, university staff and administration, and social groups for enhancing the health and wellbeing of tertiary international students in Tasmania and some implications in a wider educational discourse.


Yue, Y. (2009). Rhetoric: A Tale of Two Cultures. The International Journal of Language, Society and Culture (28), 92-99. [Refereed Article]

Conferences and Presentations

  • Fan, S., Yue, Y. (2009). Intercultural learning experiences of Chinese background students in Australian tertiary education contexts. Paper accepted for presentation at 2009 Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) International Education Research Conference, 29 November-3 December 2009, Canberra, Australia.
  • Yue, Y. (2009). Persuasive strategies: An intercultural perspective. Paper accepted for presentation at the International Online Language Conference (IOLC 2009), 25-26 July, 2009.
  • Yue, Y. (2008). Contrastive rhetoric of Chinese and English based on differences of eastern and western culture. Paper presented at 2008 Bi-Annual Conference of Sino-American Comparative Cultural Studies, 27-30 November 2008, Hainan, China.