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Research Topics

Research topics and themes in rural health

One of the frequently asked questions of prospective graduate research candidates is about research topic.

The CRH Graduate Research Web site gives information about research topics undertaken by current students and some specific information about research interests and expertise of the CRH staff.

From both the national and international perspectives, there is a wide range of themes/issues in relation to rural health research but not limited to:

  • Aged care: accessibility and remoteness
  • E-health and rurality
  • Food security
  • Health and health care in rural Australia
  • Health literacy
  • Health workforce policies
  • Inter-professional learning
  • Interested in studying climate change and health?
  • Mental health in rural and regional areas
  • Migrants health in rural and remote areas
  • Oral health
  • Palliative care in rural and remote areas
  • Primary health care
  • Rural ageing
  • Rural community health and wellbeing
  • Rural health education
  • Rural indigenous health
  • Rurality and rural population
  • Service delivery models in rural and remote health
  • Social and cultural aspects of rural health
  • Socio-economic factors in rural health