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Our Research Group Leaders

Dr Dave Kendal

Dave Kendal

Dave is a senior lecturer in environmental management, in the discipline of geography and spatial sciences within the school of technology, environments and design at the university of Tasmania. He is interested in researching and teaching human-plant (and wildlife) relationships in cities and beyond, particularly the drivers and effects of environmental management.

Dr Emily Flies

Emily Flies

Emily is a Lecturer in Biological Science and is exploring how urbanisation impacts the health of urban residents with a “think global, act local” approach. Globally, Emily conducts epidemiological syntheses to understand urban health trends. Locally, Emily is exploring how urbanisation and land use change impact environmental microbial communities (microbiomes) and how we can apply that knowledge to improve local environments and health. She helped start the Healthy Urban Microbiomes Initiative, now a collaborator with the United Nations Convention of Biological Diversity, to advance these objectives. Emily also works part-time as an Epidemiologist at the Department of Health Tasmania.

Dr Pauline Marsh

Pauline Marsh

Pauline is a researcher and teacher with the Centre for Rural Health. She is interested in many aspects of rural community wellbeing, but particularly in the role and capacity of informal community support and care through engagement in green spaces. Pauline’s research is based outside of the city spaces, in rural and regional areas. She utilises creative and qualitative methods, and likes work in community gardens and conservation areas in Tasmania.

Dr Penelope (Penny) Jones

Penny Jones

Penny is a Research Fellow in environmental health at the Menzies for Medical Research. She is fascinated by the interconnections between humans and their environment and began her research career in palaeoecology and archaeology – exploring human-nature connections in the past. Since moving back to Australia in 2016, she has shifted into environmental health and spends most of her time on the ‘AirRater project’, exploring the links between pollen, poor air quality and human health. She also has government experience in environmental policy and is strongly committed to engaging with policy makers to join the research and policy worlds.