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Student Experiences

St Marys

I really enjoyed the St Marys rural placement. The doctor was very, very good and taught us quite a lot. Also, being able to spend time with the community nurse and the paramedics allowed us to experience a whole lot more than if we were just in a GP clinic.

Medical Student


A fantastic experience! A good balance between organised activities and free time, plus opportunities for extra involvement in community activities

Medical Student


I enjoyed my time in Dover – the teaching program was well designed and showed me the many aspects of health care in a small town. I've learned a bit about life in a rural community and I like what I've seen.

Nursing Student


I had a great time, all the staff were very helpful and friendly. I feel that I have learnt so much in my three weeks. The accommodation was terrific.

Nursing Student

King Island

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay on King Island. Everyone made me feel very welcome and were so supporting in my quest for experience and knowledge. It was a more relaxed approach to learning than my previous experience in an urban hospital. I had time to properly research aspects of my practice, gain confidence, and utilise my skills without pressure.

Nursing Student


All in all it is an enriching program for students and hopefully the duration of the program can be lengthened.

Pharmacy Student