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Australasian University Health Challenge (AUHC)

Keep Strong - Power On

From Monday 6th September to Sunday 17th October The University of Tasmania  will be joining 17 other  universities from across Australia and New Zealand to participate in the annual Australasian University Health Challenge (AUHC).

The AUHC is a chance to build on the success of our own 10 000 Steps challenge in encouraging us to have regular healthy levels of physical activity in our day to day lives.  Physical activity is such a great way to look after ourselves. The AUHC provides a way to not only look after our wellbeing through physical activity, but also provides an opportunity to connect with our university colleagues across the region.

Join our AUHC University of Tasmania team to be part of the  friendly competition with other universities to help boost ours and others’ physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Challenge starts Monday 6th September
  • Challenge ends Sunday 17th October

Registrations are open NOW!

How do you get involved?

  1. Register using your UTAS email address at the 10 000steps website
  2. Go to the 10000 Steps AUHC page and join the UTAS challenge team
  3. Then log your steps on your 10000steps dashboard over the next 6 weeks.  Your individual daily steps will automatically be added to our university total.
  4. Log your steps by Wednesday 20th October, and winners announced October 21st.

The most physically active university at the end of the 6 weeks, gauged by the average step total, is announced as the winner.

Participants Guide PDF 420.9 KB