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Learning and Teaching Guidance

Project Leaders have been provided with a spreadsheet breaking down the type of room to assist with cLEAN Up for teaching, meeting rooms and research spaces across each Division and College. Speak to your Project Leader to provide guidance.

Ensure that when moving small, large or bulky items that you follow the Manual Task Guidelines It is extremely important not to lift or move any items without assessing the risk beforehand.

A similar process will apply as with Office cLEAN Up using the 6 LEAN Principles. Below is a list of actions suggested to be undertaken in your L&T spaces:

  • Ensure you have a robust process in place for workplace inspections. High risk areas need 3-montly inspections.
  • Ensure compliance with our Chemical Management policy, including the hazardous waste disposals process.
  • Dispose of stale or outdated L&T equipment, using the opportunity to promote or install newer equipment.
  • Turn inactive store rooms into functional spaces for students and staff (eg breakout rooms).
  • Refresh signage (eg removing outdated COVID signage and outdated marketing signage).
  • Assemble a L&T shopping list for your College or Division to action, targeting safety and student experience uplift.
  • Organise tools and spare parts which support your L&T operations.
  • Ensure appropriate PPE is available to students.
  • Take the opportunity to conduct Gemba walks around your L&T spaces.
  • Ensure safe systems of work are functioning well for your L&T spaces.
  • Ensure you have current, trained first aiders and building wardens to cover your L&T spaces.