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Pride in our place: Shared Facilities

There are many centrally managed spaces and shared facilities at the University which do not fall under your management. Nevertheless these high value spaces, often foyers and common areas, should be kept tidy and clean. Let’s work by a principle of pride in our place, taking proactive steps to ensure a beautiful and safe environment for our students, staff and visitors.

Walkthrough inspections are conducted before each semester by Infrastructure Services Development (ISD)  but are not monitored day to day..

If you working near one of these areas and see any hazards such as blocking of disabled spaces, don't ignore it, if the task is small, ask a co-worker to assist you in cleaning up the space following manual handling guidelines or for larger tasks,  log a hazard in MySAFETY (if there is a risk to someone's health and safety) or a works request to have the area cleaned up.

It's important that we all take pride in our workplace and ensure that all areas are clean and accessible to support a healthy environment for our students, staff and visitors.