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Beyond R U OK

There's more to say after R U OK?

About the Beyond R U OK

We have faced challenge, disruption and uncertainty. The impacts of COVID-19 have affected each of us in our University community in different ways.

Beyond R U OK? reminds us to check in with each other and have honest conversations about how we are coping or perhaps, most importantly, how we are not coping.

So that it becomes second nature, we urge everyone in the University community to check in with ourselves, our teammates, fellow students, family and friends.

The acronym ALEC (explained in this video) reminds us to:

  • Ask
  • Listen
  • Encourage action
  • Check in again

On this webpage you will find support available for students and staff.

Reintegrating our UTAS community: Going beyond R U OK? (PDF 247.7 KB) - Associate Professor Kimberley Norris, College of Health and Medicine

ALEC - Ask, Listen, Encourage action, Check in again

Wellbeing Resources