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Mental Health

Mental Health First Aid

Action Plan - ALGEE. Approach, Listen, Give support, Encourage professional help, Encourage other supports

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Mental health first aid was developed in 2001 at the Australian National University with the aim of:

  • improving knowledge of mental health
  • reducing the stigma associated with mental illness
  • giving people the confidence to help those with a mental illness.

Mental Health First Aid – online and face to face training courses delivered nationally.

'Mental Health First Aid' APP - The free to download 'Mental Health First Aid' App for Android and iPhone provides key information about MHFA. This handy resource in your pocket is for members of the public and those who have already completed an MHFA course.

Support Services

Mental Health Emergency – 24 hour service

  • Emergency Services  000  (if using a University telephone dial "0" before dialling 000)

Anxiety, depression or suicide – 24 hour service

Sexual assault - 24-hour service

Drugs, alcohol and gambling – 24 hour service

Grief and loss – 24 hour service

Grief and loss - Online services:

Government Assistance 'Better Access Program Initiative' - Anyone can access mental health care services through the Federal Government's Better Access Program Initiative.

Note: Services under this program are not funded by the University and will be the responsibility of the individual.

Under this initiative Medicare rebates are available to patients for selected mental health services provided by GPs, psychologists, psychiatrists and eligible social workers and occupational therapists.