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Fatigue refers to mental or physical exhaustion that stops a person from being able to function normally. It is more than simply feeling tired or drowsy. Fatigue is caused by prolonged periods of physical and/or mental exertion without enough time to rest and recover.

Fatigue is generally caused by:

  • spending long periods of time awake
  • having an inadequate amount and/or quality of sleep over an extended period.

Factors both in and outside of the workplace can be a source of fatigue.

Guide for Managing the Risk of Fatigue at Work – Safe Work Australia Guide

Fatigue Assessment Tool (PDF 256KB) – Developed in conjunction with the Australian Medical Association.

Fatigue Management Evaluation Manual (PDF 3.8MB) – Developed in consultation with stakeholders from the NSW mining industry and is endorsed by the NSW Mining and Extractives Industry Health Management Advisory Committee (HMAC).