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Staff Counselling

Staff counselling is a 24 hour, 7 day service available to all University employees and their immediate family free of charge under the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The aim of the service is to provide timely counselling and support to employees who have work or non-work related concerns or issues.

Adjunct, clinical and associate title holders, visiting scholars, visiting fellows and honorary title holders are also eligible to access the service.

Employees and title holders will be required to present their current Staff ID Card to the Service Provider at the first appointment. Employee ID numbers will be retained by the Provider.

The sessions are completely confidential and no personal or identifying information is forwarded on to the University.

Those eligible are entitled to access sessions each calendar year.

At least 24 hours' notice of inability to attend a scheduled counselling session must be provided. If you fail to provide 24 hours' notice you will personally incur an account for that session.

For more information on our EAP services contact Safety and Wellbeing, People and Wellbeing on (03) 6226 1928.

Newport & Wildman is the preferred provider for EAP Services with Psychologists, Social Workers and Counsellors available to assist. Locations available in Tasmania are: Hobart, Launceston, Burnie and Devonport. The service is provided in all other states and territories through affiliated providers.

To arrange an appointment

If access to EAP is urgent please advise Newport Wildman when you contact them. A face to face appointment might not be available at short notice but a telephone consultation or instant messaging counselling can be arranged for urgent matters.

If an employee wishes to see an alternative provider they need to contact Safety and Wellbeing on (03) 6226 1928 or email to discuss so the provider can be registered as University of Tasmania supplier.

Newport and Wildman also provide Manager and Leader (PDF 1.7MB) support services. These services are an Organisational Unit expense.

Just released & free for download is the new AccessMyEAP app: further information is available here

Newport and Wildman also offer a wide variety of online resources to University of Tasmania employees via an Employee Page. Any employee with a email address can access these resource by creating an account. Click on the Employees Registration Form complete the details and you will receive confirmation from Newport Wildman once they have set up your account.

Assistance is available for staff and students travelling overseas via our Corporate Travel Insurance.  Please register with Smartraveller before commencing travel.


"As social distancing is now being encouraged, from Monday 23rd of March Newport & Wildman will provide  all support services via phone, online and video-conference. We recognise that the risks associated with person to person transmission continue to rise, and moving to phone, online and video helps us protect the wellbeing of all."


When you prioritise your body and mind, you can cope better with the challenges we are all facing right now. Here are evidence-based ways that you can protect our mental health and support others as well.

Counselling can help you with problems coping with work, stress and anxiety or depression, loneliness, drug and alcohol abuse and addictions, negative feeling or suicidal thoughts, relationship or family issues.

In particular work-related stress is recognised globally as a major challenge for workers and organisations.

A worker's response to stress may be positive or negative. In the majority of instances, people adjust to stressors and can continue to perform their normal duties. However, if stress becomes excessive and long-lasting it can lead to mental and physical ill-health.

If you are experiencing work-related stress or any other concerns and need to speak to a professional please access the University's EAP service.