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Support available

There are many resources for people experiencing distress. Some of the resources available are listed below:

University of Tasmania Resources

Newport & Wildman recognises the need to support managers engaging with staff who are facing mental health challenges. Issues can often arise very quickly, which is why they provide support for managers when they need it.  For more information, contact Newport and Wildman on 1800 650 204.

The Employee Assistance Program is a confidential service provided by the University to assist those who have work or non-work-related mental health concerns or issues. Employee assistance is a 24 hour, 7 days per week service.

Assist managers with any concerns

The Safe and Fair Community Unit (SaFCU) is a University service which provides support, advice and information to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our University community.


  • Counselling for Students
  • Behavioural Contact Officers
  • Concerns or complaints about inappropriate or concerning behaviour
  • Disclosures or reports of sexual harm, including sexual assault and sexual harassment
  • Child safety concerns
  • General complaints about a service or your University experience
  • Wellbeing concerns about yourself or someone you know
  • If you have a financial concern and require assistance
  • Concerns or disclosures of suspected modern slavery

External Resources