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Information and Documents


Adjunct, Clinical and Associate Titles Nomination and Renewal Form

Adjunct, Clinical and Associate Titles Procedure (interim) (PDF 235.8 KB)

Alcohol, Smoking and Other Drugs webpage

Animal Assistance webpage

Animal Assistance Information Sheet (PDF 357.3 KB)

Asbestos Webpage

Asbestos Register

Authorisation to Drive a University Vehicle (Student only) (PDF 280.6 KB)

Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)


Behaviour Policy

BioSafety webpage

BioSafety Manual (PDF 1.2 MB)

Biosafety Committee (includes application forms and guidance documents).


Checklist - Workplace Inspections - Go See Fix - General (available in MySafety Checklist & Inspections)

Checklist - Workplace Inspections - Go See Fix - Laboratory (available in MySafety Checklist & Inspections)

Checklist - Workplace Inspections - Go See Fix - Workshop (available in MySafety Checklist & Inspections)

Checklist – Workplace Inspections - New or Refurbished Workplace (available in MySafety Checklist & Inspections)

Checklist - Workplace Inspections - Go See Fix - Clinical Research (available in MySafety Checklist & Inspections)

Checklist - Workplace Inspections - Go See Fix - Glasshouses (available in MySafety Checklist & Inspections)

Checklist – Event Management Checklist

Checklist – Field Trip Hazard Identification

Checklist – First Aid (for   First  Aid Kits)

Checklist – Hazard Recognition (DOC 403.5 KB)

Checklist – Hazardous Chemicals Health Monitoring Requirement

Checklist – Hazardous Chemical Risk Assessment

Checklist – Health Monitoring

Checklist – Pre-Purchase Checklist

Checklist – Plant Hazard

Checklist – Remote or Isolated Work

Checklist - Volunteer Worker Checklist

Chemical Management Webpage

Chemical Management Procedure (under review) (PDF 300.1 KB)

Chemical Risk Assessment Template

Chemwatch System

Confined Space webpage

Construction webpage

Construction – Safe Design of Structures Code of Practice

Construction – Demolition Work Code of Practice

Construction – Excavation Work Code of Practice

Contractors webpage

Counselling (Students)

COVID - Safe Webpage (includes COVID Plan and Checklist and CVOID Risk Register )


Designated First Aid Officer

Diving Webpage

Dive Procedure Manual (PDF 1.8 MB)

Driving Webpage

Drones webpage


Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Electrical webpage

Electrical Equipment – Inspection Testing and Tagging Procedure (under review) (PDF 236.7 KB)

Electrical Risks in the Workplace Code of Practice

Equipment Loan Agreement (ISD) (PDF 160.9 KB)

Ergonomics Webpage

Event Management Webpage


Family Violence support

Field Activity webpage

Field Trip Medical Disclosure and Authorisation Form

First Aid webpage

First Aid in the Workplace Procedure (under review) (PDF 232.4 KB)

First Aid Risk Assessment Form

First Aid Register

First Aid Poster to advertise First Aiders in the Workplace

Free Flu Program for Staff, Students and Family members of Staff living with them


Gene Technology

GMO dealing applications - how to guide (PDF 239.6 KB)


Hazard Recognition Checklist

Hazard Prompt Sheet (DOCX 780.3 KB)

Hazard Reporting Flowchart (PDF 202.0 KB)

Hazardous Chemicals

Hazardous Chemicals – Dangerous Goods and Explosives Storage and Transport Procedure (under review) (PDF 439.1 KB)

Health Monitoring webpage

Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Representatives

Health and Wellbeing

High Risk and Permit to Work webpage

Hot Works webpage


IBC Committee (includes Forms and Guidance Documents)

IBC Application Form (PDF 919.3 KB)

IBC - NLRD application flow chart (PDF 111.4 KB)

Induction Chemical Handling (online via MyLO)

Induction – Contractor

Induction – Laboratory and Workshop (online via MyLO)

Induction – Local Area

Induction - Staff Induction & Training - WHS Procedure (under review) (PDF 185.5 KB)

Incident Response and Investigation Procedure (under review) (PDF 243.7 KB)

Incident Notification Flowchart (PDF 134.2 KB)

Infection Control Procedure (under review) (PDF 212.1 KB)

Isolated and Remote Work

Issue Resolution Flow Chart (DOCX 100.1 KB)




Laboratory, Workshop and Studio Safety webpage

Laboratory Workshop and Studio Medical Disclosure Form (DOCX 381.3 KB)

Laboratory Workshop and Studio Medical Certification Form (DOCX 384.0 KB)

Laboratory Safety Cabinets (PDF 99.3 KB)

Lock out Tag Out Guidance Poster (PPTX 124.3 KB)


Manual Tasks webpage

Mental Health and Wellbeing

MySAFETY  System

MySafety User Guide – Reporting an Incident (PDF 2.6 MB)

MySafety User Guide – Reporting a Hazard (PDF 2.6 MB)

MySafety User Guide – Action Plans and Other Actions (PDF 2.4 MB)

MySafety User Guide – Changing your Delegation (PDF 484.7 KB)

MySafety Conducting Checklists/Inspections Training Guide (PDF 679.8 KB)

MyCert Manager – certificate management system


Needle Stick Injury Fact Sheet (PDF 144.7 KB)

Noise and Vibration webpage

Notifiable Incident Information Sheet (PDF 285.0 KB)


OnGUARD System

Operational Risk Register Template


Personal Protective Equipment webpage

Personal Protective Equipment Procedure (PDF 159.1 KB)

Portable Devices Fact Sheet (PDF 148.5 KB)

Policy - Health and Safety

Plant and equipment webpage

Preventing Psychological Injury underwork Health and Safety Laws (PDF 1.2 MB)

Private Vehicle Approved Form (PDF 118.0 KB)

Prohibited Carcinogens, Restricted Carcinogens and Restricted Hazardous Chemicals Procedure (PDF 309.4 KB)

Project & Task Work Health and Safety Risk Management Procedure (PDF 387.6 KB)

Psychosocial webpage

Psychosocial Risk Assessment tool

Purchasing webpage

Purchasing Work Health and Safety Procedure (PDF 124.6 KB)



Radiation webpage

Radiation Management Plan (PDF 336.7 KB)

Radiation Material Quality Assurance Audit Template

Radiation Laser Quality Assurance Audit Template

Radiation - Annual Audit Report Template

Regulated and Hazardous Biologicals Material Guidance

Remote and isolated Work

Return to Work and Workers Compensation

Risk Management webpage

Risk Management Procedure (Project and Task) (PDF 387.6 KB)

Risk Assessment Template (DOCX 1.3 MB)


Safe and Fair Community Unit (SaFCU) - includes Advocate system to log behavioural incidents

Safety Health & Wellbeing Strategy 2019-2024 (PDF 133.2 KB)

Safety and Wellbeing Officers at the University (List of)

SafetyHub Videos (login required)

Safety Management Cyclic Calendar (DOCX 78.9 KB)

SafeWork Procedure template (DOCX 392.7 KB)

SafeWork Procedure (PDF 382.2 KB)


Scheduled Substances procedure – Handling and Storage UNDER REVIEW (PDF 175.2 KB)

Security Sensitive Dangerous Substances Procedure

Smoking on Campus

Staying warm in winter while at home resource (PDF 1.9 MB)

Students - Health and Safety Advice for Students Fact Sheet (PDF 547.9 KB)

Syringe - What to do if you find a syringe (PDF 126.2 KB)

Sharps - Safe Disposal Fact Sheet (PDF 108.8 KB)


Thermal Comfort Management Protocol (PDF 94.9 KB)

Training needs Analysis (WHS)

Training Register Template

Travel webpage


University of Tasmania Risk Register


Vessels webpage

Volunteer Webpage

Visitor Webpage

Visitor Safety Information (PDF 177.6 KB)

Visitor Sign-In Register (PDF 147.4 KB)

Visitor Safety Management Procedure (PDF 187.7 KB)


Work Environment and Facilities webpage

Work Health Safety Officers at the University of Tasmania

Work Health Safety Officer information

Work Integrated Learning webpage

WHS Officer Safety Observation Form (DOC 76.5 KB)

Work Health Safety Operational Risk Register

Workplace Environment Procedure (PDF 147.7 KB)

Workplace Inspections webpage

Workers Compensation, Return to Work and Injury Management

Working from Home webpage

Working from Home Agreement (EForm)

Working from Home - Guide for People Leaders (PDF 186.0 KB)

Working from Heights webpage